About the business:


AtuVava is a dedicated Gluten Free kitchen. We use fair-trade, sustainably sourced (often local) ingredients to make delicious, high quality food.

Quality ingredients + wicked skill-set = Gluten Free Food That Will Blow Your Mind!

People swoon – they love the food – chances are you’ll love it, too.


About the name:


In a nutshell, AtuVava (ah-too-va-va) is a word that describes the philosophy of joyfully sharing food. The word, ÅtuVava, was coined by our daughter, Ella, when she was a toddler. As a child brought-up in a food-centric home and community, she learned that food is a resource best shared, that there is always enough to go around and that everyone is welcome.


So our little ambassador would wander up to friends and strangers alike and utter the simple phrase “AtuVava?” If she happened to be carrying food, she meant “Would you like some food?” And if she was approaching someone with food, she was asking, “Can I have some food?” Pretty simple.

Chuck and I picked-up on her phrase fairly fast – it is a little word that encompasses an entire philosophy…our philosophy.

Our question to you: "AtuVava?"


About getting some awesome Gluten Free food:


Consider AtuVava your own personal Gluten Free chef. We work one-on-one with individuals to provide the Gluten Free food you need. If you are in our service area you can order directly from us.

We also provide a mail subscription service which is great for both self-gifting - my favorite - as well as giving an awesome gift of delicious edibles to friends and family who avoid gluten. Be sure to check-in about other food sensitivities (dairy, nuts, soy, egg, etc.) as we try to accommodate any/all needs as we are able!


About our ingredients:


Food is only as good as the ingredients you use to make it. We hold to the belief that spending more on what goes into our products is a worthy investment - and time and again we hear “this is the best ___ I’ve ever had!”

We take credit for crafting an amazing recipe, but must also share credit due those who provided the ingredients we craft with. I’ll take credit for finding and choosing to use them, though!

So here is a short list of what amazing ingredients go into AtuVava goods:


Whole Grain Milling – freshly milled organic grains and seeds from Welcome, Mn.


Bob’s Red Mill – all the GF grains we cannot get from Whole Grain come from Bob’s Red Mill which is an employee-owned mill in Oregon.


Hope Butter – the Hope Creamery has been churning-out butter for over 100 years. It is a delightfully refreshing counter to the massive commodity producers in our fair dairy state. And it tastes great!


Eggs – locally sourced eggs from free-range, pastured hens taste better.


Honey – Wolf Honey has numerous “bee yards” scattered around the Western Wisconsin farmland. Here the bees roam the countryside pollinating a wide variety of crops and wildflowers, then return to their hives with loads of nectar to create some of the most delicious honey I’ve ever tasted.


Cream – One of our primary sources of dairy is Kapper’s Big Red Barn in Chatfield, MN.  I’d argue it is some of the most delicious milk and cream available. Whenever we drive down, a bottle is sure to be opened before we get to the end of the driveway.  The taste of minimally processed milk, fresh from pastured cows, is magnificent. And that quality carries through in the flavors and textures of our baked goods.

Our second favorite go-to dairy is Organic Valley in Viroqua, WI.


Chocolate – AtuVava uses Equal Exchange chocolate. Equal Exchange assures we get a delicious, sustainably sourced and fairly traded product. Chocolate is one of those global commodities steeped in bad practices. Consumers can change those practices by choosing NOT to buy chocolate derived from cocoa farmed and processed using slave-labor and illegal child labor practices.