AtuVava is a dedicated Gluten Free kitchen. We use fair-trade, sustainably sourced (often local) ingredients to make delicious, high quality food.

Quality ingredients + wicked skill-set = Gluten Free Food That Will Blow Your Mind!

People swoon – they love the food – chances are you’ll love it, too.

AtuVava (ah-too-va-va) describes the philosophy of joyfully sharing food.

The word ÅtuVava was coined by our daughter, Ella, when she was a toddler. As a child brought-up in a food-centric home and community, she learned that food is a resource best shared, that there is always enough to go around and that everyone is welcome.

So, our little ambassador would wander up to friends and strangers alike and utter the simple phrase “AtuVava?” If she happened to be carrying food, she meant “Would you like some food?” And if she was approaching someone with food, she was asking, “Can I have some food?” Pretty simple.

Chuck and I picked-up on her phrase fairly fast – it is a little word that encompasses an entire philosophy…our philosophy.
Our question to you: "AtuVava?"