Atuvava Cooking Classes have been created to help people transition to gluten free cooking. We strive to foster an open, comfortable learning environment where students will have a hands-on, immersive GF cooking experience. We have both general overview classes as well as classes aimed at specific areas of interest.

Transitioning to a gluten free diet can be challenging and intimidating. Our objective is to give you concrete information, and help you develop solid skills in your new GF kitchen. And, hopefully, have some fun in the process.

We've created a basic Gluten Free 101 class for those of you just starting down this road. Whether you are learning to cook gluten free for yourself, for a family member, or if you work in an environment where you need a deeper understanding of a gluten free kitchen, our GF 101 is a great primer to start with. You will learn where gluten hides - both the obvious places, but also where you'd least expect it. And we'll go over tools and techniques that will make your transition to gluten free so much smoother.

For those who are interested in delving deeper, we offer classes ranging from making amazing gluten free breads (pizza, biscuits, sandwich bread, etc.) to exploring different entree options (working with legumes, polenta, pasta) to creating amazing flavor bases that add taste, structure and complexity to everyday ingredients (infused butters and oils, pan toasted spices, etc.).

whether you are a novice in the kitchen or an old hand, these classes are intended to meet you where you are and broaden + develop your kitchen chops. and have fun doing so! meeting as a small group in a casual setting is key for creating a great learning opportunity. you'll get to taste along the way... and you'll have hands-on direction in practicing technique... at the end of the class when we're all finished, there will be a little something from our endeavors to bring home.

Gluten free 101 - basic, fundamentals of what gluten is, where it's found (common as well as unexpected sources) and how you can learn to cook without gluten, and still eat wonderfully! we'll offer diverse menu options, tell you how to stock a pantry, teach a couple easy work-arounds... you'll learn about tools and techniques that will help you create a frustration-free zone in your GF kitchen! 

legumes: beans, peas, lentils...diversifying your diet/menu the american diet is heavily weighted to meals using a meat/animal protein at it's base. and for varying reasons, that diet is truly unsustainable... between personal health and environmental sustainability, our culture is learning that augmenting our diet with plant-based proteins is a worthy pursuit. but how? this class with provide detailed instructions and hands-on examples of working with a variety of beans, peas and lentils ... helping you figure-out how to substitute legumes for meat in a few (or all) meals per week!


foundation flavors - building complexity into simple dishes deep, rich, nuanced flavors are the key to a stand-out dish. and a way to get there is by preparing and adding caramelized onions or roasted garlic or pan-toasted spices... or a butter or oil that has been infused with great flavors. and, of course, the art of adding a dash or wine or a splash of vinegar to alter and deepen the flavor combinations. we'll go over various additions to have at the ready, as well as a scheme to prepare and store so there is always some on hand.

marinara, polenta, pasta, pizza... polenta and pasta, and the multitude of sauces that can accompany them, are yet another amazingly versatile gf option. and if you do not already make your own homemade polenta, this class is for you. we'll make "from scratch" polenta as well as suggesting a favorite time-tested gf pasta, then go through the process of homemade sauces. you will never ever grab a jar again. and we'll touch on the ease of using these marinara sauces as a quick pizza sauce while we throw-together 15minute gf pizzas.

breads this is a broad topic. we'll cover basic technique in gf bread making - some tips and tools that make things much easier - and offer tutorials on a broad range of gf breads: sandwich bread, pizza, cornbread, biscuits, scones. there is nothing more satisfying than making and serving "just outta the oven" breads...particularly cracking the code on gluten free breads.