First, thanks for visiting AtuVava. Hopefully you will find something that engages you, inspires you and, perhaps, makes you want to come back.

AtuVava is sort of an amorphic, yet purposeful, endeavor. One could see at the surface that this is a business trafficing in food. And you could stay right there... you could order cookies or scones or cake for an event... you could receive raves on how awesome the food is, and hear "are you certain it's gluten free?" (yes). And certainly there are people who do just that.

But there is a philosohpy behind AtuVava. It is a philosophy that sharing is better than hording. That taking a chance and reaching-out often opens a door that we did not know existed. And that philosophy extends to the greater belief that we are all interconnected, whether we like it or not. You have an impact at every turn in your life: engage or ignore... we forget that those are both choices.

Enuf heavy. Next.

What is this...? perhaps the first strawberries of spring?

What is this...? perhaps the first strawberries of spring?

Atuvava - What's up with the name? How do you say it? What does it mean?

Ok - "ah-too-va-va" This is literally from the mouths of babes. One adorable babe, in fact. When my daughter was just learning language, we utilized every one of her sweet little word-creations...many we still use to this day ("Dup" is yes). Vava was food. Imaging the fast-growing, notoriously hungry, urgent toddler bleating "Vava...Vava...VAVA!" It tends to stick.

Then she started modify vava with atuvava. AtuVava was an offer of food or a request for food... sort of "do you want to share this?" or "can I have some of that?" And the greatest part of this is that our little ambassador would "AtuVava" anyone: guests at the house, shoppers at the coop, walking through the park... Honestly, I cannot recount how many times this happened. once she approached a grandma who was sitting on a bench at the playground -- this grandma was a somali woman who had limited, if any, english language skills..."Atuvava?" says the little cherub... And she was met with the sweetest, biggest, lovingest smile, because that grandma totally got what she was saying. today I cannot remember whether she was asking for or offering food... I just remember the awesome connection.

So AtuVava is about generosity and thoughtfulness. It's about remembering that there is always enough and that everybody is welcome. It's about taking chances and being strong and being inclusive and helping without waiting to be asked. And it's about being brave enough to emapthize for and care about others.



And, of course, it's about food.

So striking a blalance is key, right? So here is a proposal: this blog will contain some amazing photos of killer food along with ideas, recipes and instructions. It will also share cool ideas and resources for sourcing food as well as what tools and techniques you can use to make the most amazing gluten free food for yourself, your friends and family.

It will also include missives, rants, encouragement, resources and all other things related to various social concerns. It may also contain a shout-out to some amazing music or art or something cool that needs to be shared. My partner often refers to the paradoxical nature of my being... how could we expect this to be any different? A blog is just your own platform in Speakers Corner, Hyde Park, right?

And as I loath blogs that blather-on, we will strive to be concise. I also loath pop-ups, adverts, etc., so will not be doing that. If anyone wants to know what's going on, follow me on Twitter or Instagram. If you have a question, toss it in the comments.

Thanks. Stay cool. alex