We make amazing bread!

Let’s just start out by saying, AtuVava bread is amazing. Really. Our bread is a labor of love… literally years of trial and error, years of trying different types of grain and sources/producers of materials… years of testing (definitely failing sometimes) on ratio of water and fat and all those other factors… trying to get as close as possible to that amazing bread we used to bake pre-celiac.

The answer is, we got there! Not to brag - tho I will - our bread SLAYS! All of it. And we have developed a quiet little following of dedicated weekly or bi-weekly customers. Now we’re broadening our project and making AtuVava Gluten Free bread available to more people/families.

Although the test-kitchen is always hard at work, we can offer four standard breads at this time… let’s introduce them:

The Seeded Loaf

This sandwich loaf has a soft texture, but a nutty, wholegrain feel. We combine Sesame, Sunflower, flax and pumpkin seeds with buckwheat groats and gluten free oats - soak and dehydrate the seeds, then grind it all into a flour. This flour combines with our own light bread flour to create a toasty, satisfying slice of bread suitable for sandwiches or morning toast!

Rustic White Sandwich Loaf

This is your basic (not so basic) gluten free white sandwich loaf. If you have a finicky eater who isn’t interersted in “anything funny” in their sandwich bread, this is the ticket. It sports a delightful crust, with a soft, tender crumb.

Honey Hempseed

The Honey Hempseed is a step between our Rustic White and the Seeded Loaf… it has a sweet, nutty flair, but not quite as fiber-rich as the seeded loaf.

Rustic White Boule

This is the loaf you’re going to want when you serve a cheese plate or your charcuterie board. Light and soft on the inside with an intense, caramelized crust that brings you back to those loaves you grab at the corner bakery. High heat and baked on stone recreates that rustic feel. It’s really good ;)